I wish I could explain it.

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Can''t see u the dust is in my eyes...

My favorite comics is The Maxx:

What is The Maxx''s real name?

How did The Maxx get involved in Julie''s life?
Well, it was kind of an accident. Dave was a homeless plumber who got in the way of Julie''s car. Julie felt sorry for him and went over to see if he was injured. When she got there she noticed he was badly hurt so she decided to cover him up with the trash laying around. One piece of that trash was a lamp shade that somehow got caught between two worlds, Julie''s Outback and The Real World. This lampshade became fused with Dave''s body and with one little mishap Dave became consumed with Julie''s spirit animal, a rabbit.

What is a "Maxx"?
A Maxx can be anything you have become attached to. Its purpose is to guide you through life''s ruff spots.

Does The Maxx have a "Maxx"?
Yes, he does, but it''s being blocked by trying to be Julie''s.

What is an "Outback"?
An Outback is a place you go when you want to escape from reality. Julie''s Outback resembles Australia because she heard stories of it when she was a little girl.

Why is Julie''s spirit animal a rabbit?
Julie''s spirit animal is a rabbit because of a childhood memory. When Julie was six years old when she was playing. She happened to see a rabbit that got struck by a car. Julie felt sorry for the rabbit and wanted to heal its broken foot. What she didn''t realize was that the rabbit was suffering and that keeping it alive would hurt her and the rabbit. Julie felt the rabbit could be healed by keeping it under her bed, but this came at a hard price. The rabbit scratched its box so much that it made her head and stomach hurt. This kept Julie and her parents up at night. It got so bad that Julie''s mom had to do something about it......and with a THACK the rabbit became cemented in Julie''s mind as pain. This event was so tramatic that she never thought about that night again, she learned to surpress her feelings.

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